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Website Copy for an All-Natural Hair Product Brand

Updated: Mar 10, 2020


Dr.UGro is a brand that creates a special line of all natural hair treatment products made for both men and women of all ethnic backgrounds. This includes a hair pomade called Dr.UGro Edge and a hair lotion called Dr.UGro Roots. The official website is

Within the world of beauty and personal grooming, there are numerous products that are labeled as natural. But in fact, they are actually not. Many of them contain synthetic preservatives, fragrances and other ingredients. With more than 95% of its ingredients originating from natural sources, Dr.UGro meets the criteria set forth by the Natural Products Association (NPA). This brand can be considered to be "all natural," in the truest sense.

A major challenge with creating natural products is the need to preserve freshness of the ingredients and also emulsify them together so that the components do not separate into layers. Heat is commonly used to achieve these goals. But it also kills and deadens the plant extracts. So another differential of the Dr.UGro line is that the ingredients have been mechanically pressed (minus the damaging effects of heat) to maintain the original, inherent bioactive treatment compounds within the botanical plant extracts.

The ingredients of the product line have been carefully chosen on the basis of scientific research and literature which supports their treatment potential for hair loss as well as dry, damaged strands. Additionally, they have been formulated through the expertise of an actual dermatologist in order to be effective enough to create noticeable changes in hair quality and even growth.

Even though we often hear how plant based oils like coconut, argan and olive oil can soften the hair on a DIY basis, the reality is that pure kitchen-grade form leave the hair looking noticeably greasy. Dr.UGro products have been carefully formulated with a precise balance of ingredients, such as oils and humectant (i.e water-drawing) moisturizing agents along with other factors to leave the hair with a natural looking softness and shine.

While many other hair products attempt to moisturize and tame the hair by coating the outer surface, Dr.UGro actually treats the hair follicles beneath the skin's surface, addressing problem issues like free radicals, inflammatory-causing micro-organisms, and hair loss contributors like DHT and TGF-b. Unlike other similar hair products, the Roots pomade and Edge lotion can be applied to both the hair as well as the scalp.

The Dr.UGro line is consciously made in terms of the safety and biodegradability of the ingredients as well as other factors. The packaging box is made of recycled paper. And the containers are made of recyclable plastic. No animal products or testing were used. Dr.UGro products are officially cruelty free and vegan.


Effective website copy does the job of convincing and converting visitors into buyers. Instead of just listing out the features of the product, this content needs to demonstrate a keen understanding of the audience members and communicate the differential value of the Dr.UGro products so that they will walk away with a clear understanding how choosing this brand will benefit the health and appearance of their hair.

Here is a slideshow presentation featuring the original version of the website copy that I developed. Due to design, structure and layout changes, it has undergone further revisions.

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