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Organic digital marketing can often be thought of in terms of four main areas:


  • content

  • SEO

  • social media

  • digital PR


While they can be practiced separately, they are also interrelated. For example, content is necessary for SEO, social media and digital PR. Digital PR can be used to enhance SEO efforts by generating high-value backlinks. Social media shares also impact SEO as a more reliable indication of content demand or how people are responding to the information. Likewise social media can be used to establish the beginning phases of relationships with influencers, before reaching out to them (e.g. tweeting at them, liking or sharing their content).

A balanced relationship among all four areas helps brands benefit from an integrated, holistic strategy. Doing so is conducive to the long-term growth of their digital marketing efforts. This is supported by the Law of Increasing Return or Diminished Costs. 


Likewise, on the other hand, relying on only one or two areas for immediate gratification eventually results in an alignment with the Law of Diminishing Returns. 


Holistic digital marketing is all about  "creating relevant and meaningful connections between brands and people."-  It makes your brand more memorable and builds the type of loyalty that results in purchases, shares and even word-of-mouth growth.  In the end, the practice of marketing to others the way you would want to be marketed to is a rewarding experience and a path you'll be glad you took. 

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