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I am excited to be working in the digital marketing space. My area of specialty has been in content development as a central part of executing strategies in SEO, social media and digital PR. With an audience-first priority, I help companies form stronger and more meaningful connections with their target audiences by offering content experiences that resonate with specific groups of people, and even help to improve their lives. 

For me, being a content specialist involves the deeper endeavor of recognizing and bringing forth, not just product and service offerings, but the latent (golden) potential that is inherent within brand organizations. It has always been a deep conviction of mine that our birthright calling (and pathway to personal and professional success) is to develop our inner gifts, talents and strengths, and to share what we uniquely have to offer with the rest of the world. Taking this road is fulfilling and empowering on many different levels. 

In marketing and business terms, what I am talking about is commonly referred to as a company's differential value or advantage. Through my work in content, SEO, social media and digital PR, I find it rewarding to highlight these points of differentiation for others to appreciate and feel a stronger affinity for the brand. 

Quality content created along these lines positions brands elicit better responses from audiences.  And this is the driving force for  better performance, data and analytic results. This is true even when it comes to search engine algorithms which are designed to serve human users. Other areas like email marketing and business development also benefit. All the tools and technology in the digital online arena revolve around the human and how they decide to respond to the messaging provided by a particular brand. 


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