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I specialize in developing high quality content assets to build relationships with online audiences and serve the long term aspect of digital marketing growth. Content is often thought of as more of a nice-to-have. But its value cannot be underestimated. Content provides touch points for human audience members, influencing how people think and feel about a brand. When crafted well, it can powerfully elevate a company's position of authority in their market.  Additionally, content serves to communicate and highlight the value of a particular offering within the context of real life situations. As such, it needs to present information so that people immediately get it and can take action right way.


And so, it also works to cultivate demand, which is especially important for highly original, novel, first-in-class products and services. Besides engaging human minds and emotions, content is also imperative for the success of SEO, social media and digital PR. 

Effective Content Focuses on Human Needs and Wants


Of course, content is made for humans. But rather than just discussing a particular subject, it needs to reflect a deep and detailed understanding of the people within a particular audience group. This produces better forms of content. Instead of just presenting information, it bridges the gap between a company's messaging and their market's current level of awareness. Getting a clear idea of who the audience is, what questions they have, what their pain points are and their desired future states are all indispensable starting points. It requires a deeper look at the mindset, attitudes, questions and needs of audience members and determining messaging angles that resonate with them. 


Awareness and visibility are certainly essential for any type of marketing. But more importantly, there is a broader picture to consider. And that is, we have to understand two key factors, what is going on in the minds of human audience members and what drives them.  These insights make it possible to create content experiences that aren't just read or quickly glanced at. Instead they convince, motivate and inspire others to take actions, such as clicking through links, subscribing, liking and making purchases. In other words, not just any form of content or messaging will do. It has to offer a well-aligned and rewarding experience which compels attitudes, behaviors and actions that say, "yes" to what a brand offers. 

Beyond Just the Surface Facts - Presenting Stories, Insights and Thought Leadership to Differentiate Brands

Average content simply presents facts. This is okay, for the most part. But the exception would have to be cases where other brand publishers are saying pretty much the same things. 

Plus, the whole point of creating content is not just to have something up, but to connect and relate with audiences to build sentiment, loyalty, the desire to make purchases and even the willingness to ​share what is being offered with their friends and family. 

With all of us exposed to numerous ads, sales requests, and a variety of messaging on a daily basis, what stands out in the end is content which leaves a positive and memorable imprint in our minds. 

This leads to another point. And that is, branding is the art of differentiation. The brands who successfully communicate and differentiate their value are the ones who have an easier time winning customers. So why present similar types of ideas and messaging as everyone else when there is the option to create more distinctive and personalized forms of content that audiences would embrace and appreciate. 


All brands have unique and interesting stories to tell, by virtue of their journey and the people who are responsible for bringing about their products or services. There is also original thought leadership insights that others would want to know more about. 

Instead of just discussing the obvious surface facts having to do with the offering, there is an entire bigger picture context which helps bring this information to life. 

Creating rewarding content experiences made with the understanding of people builds relationships and audiences. And what's more, they provide vital foundations for better performance in areas like SEO, social media, digital PR and even business development

Content Types

I am passionate about help companies actualize more of their online potential. I help build amazing and prolific experiences around what their brand offers and has to say.  I create and develop the following types of content:

authoritative cornerstone articles

blog posts


press releases

video concepts and teleprompter scripts

podcast scripts

infographic concepts

pdf downloads/ free offerings - lead magnets

webinar slideshow presentations

influencer outreach correpondence

short form website copy

(internal) content outlines and briefs for writers

(internal) training material for writers and other personnel

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