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Helping a Dance Fitness Company Communicate Lifestyle, Inspiration and Personal Improvement Topics

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Innovation Entertainment released weekly fitness and lifestyle content in the form of new videos and blog posts.

Initially, the main objective for the written content was to present the information from the videos in the form of crawlable text and convey the voice of their flagship SUPERCHARGED dance cardio fitness and lifestyle brand. However, many of the videos consisted of choreography and somewhat limited content material for discussion.


Similar to Zuma, SUPERCHARGED also aspired to provide a branded, subscription based product using their own choreography and originally composed music.

However, SUPERCHARGED also wanted to include lifestyle and self-improvement elements within the overall content they made available.

The Importance of Contextual Content

Many of us receive emails asking us to watch a particular video. And we find it helpful to have contextual content that we can skim or read to understand what the video is about. Better yet, we embrace the messaging even more if we walk away with more valuable takeaway insights that help improve their live in some way.

With my background and experience in SEO and my natural interest in psychology and self-improvement topics, I was able to develop, not just basic blog posts which explained the material already in the videos, but rather highly unique, empowering thought leadership content that expanded upon the information from the videos to motivate and inspire audience members to take real steps to enhance and ignite their lives.

It's not enough to just create content. What brands publish needs to considered best in class. The messaging should not just focus on the company, but on improving the real-life-experiences of the audience members.

Thought leadership is often regarded as a nice to have option. But it is actually a necessity in the bigger picture. As an example, an SEO company called First Page Sage based in San Francisco specializes in thought leadership content to generate significant ROI for their clients. Read more about them in this Forbes article, He Built Multi-Million Dollar Revenues By Beating Google.

Here are several additional articles of note on the importance of thought leadership content.

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Content Requirements for SUPERCHARGED Dance Fitness

Today's consumers have many different types of dance cardio programs available to choose from.

SUPERCHARGED wanted to set themselves apart, not just through their dance style and music, but also by how they communicate their brand to their audience.

Consistent and Frequent Engagement

Because the brand offers lifestyle and self-empowerment components, it was essential to reach out to their audience by communicating with them on a regular basis by providing ongoing, high quality content, mainly in the form of blog posts. Besides providing engagement and information, this would naturally carry benefits for both SEO and PPC performance.

Brand Voice and Energy

SUPERCHARGED dance fitness is a brand that embodies the essence of positive, inspirational energy. Therefore, the tone of their written content and voice of the content would need to reflect this dynamism while being personable with audience members.

Search Engine Friendly

Written content that accompanies the videos helps both humans and search engines understand what information is provided and whether or not the material is relevant for a specific question or query.

Search engines are given more cues about how to best connect users with the specific type of videos they want. Users can quickly determine how the video might be valuable to them

Going Beyond the Basics, Providing Insights and Useful Life Hacks For Real Life Challenges in Self Confidence, Personal Energy Levels, Motivation and Goal Achievement

When creating fitness and lifestyle content for SUPERCHARGED, I found it necessary to solidify a clear audience profile and delve into the mindset and emotional needs of the brand's target audience.

I came up with the following questions for the purpose of generating fresh new insights, and original ideas to expand upon the existing material presented in the videos.

With these questions, I was able to expand upon the scope of the video contents to create more useful and highly engaging forms of content for the weekly blog posts and video releases that would help readers better assimilate what they learned within their day-to-day lives

I identified common challenges in terms of self confidence and the tendency to compare ourselves to others, days when motivation is low, the need for improved energy levels for fitness and personal productivity and also inspirational takeaways that would further impel readers to get excited about supercharging their life.

Broadening and enhancing the content to create high-quality editorial features not only helped the brand offer more value to their audience, but also improved their capability to connect with related niches outside the realm of fitness and health to also include personal improvement and life-enrichment topics.

The Significance of Content Length

The SUPERCHARGED brand was interested in longer forms of content pieces, especially since studies have found that length (combined with quality) is a significant ranking factor in SEO.

Why Unique and Distinctive Content Matters for Search Engines

Search engines compare similar content to each other to understand how to rank them.

Therefore, it becomes imperative to create above average content that include original ideas and valuable insights, going beyond standard generic information.

On-Page Optimization for SEO

In addition to creating high quality, informative and insightful thought leadership self improvement content, each post was optimized to include the following SEO implementations to help search engines better understand what each content piece is about and how they can be matched with specific user queries.

  • custom SEO title that received a score of 70+ on Co-Schedule's headline analyzer tool.

  • unique metadescriptions to provide informative summaries of each blog post so that they can be displayed accordingly on search engine results pages.

  • at least one internal link to help evenly distribute page authority to the different blog posts and site contents

  • at least one outbound link to reputable sources to create associations with influential, relevant niches that can be recognized by search engines

  • custom H1 title that received a score of 70+ on Co-Schedule's headline analyzer tool

  • custom text for featured image title, description, caption and alt text

Co-Schedule Headline Analyzer

Clicks matter for driving organic traffic to your website and the open rates for your e-newsletters.

The Co-Schedule Headline Analyzer tool is designed with algorithms that understand the characteristics of headlines that receive the most clicks.

As a requirement for the SUPERCHARGED content, each headline needed to have a score of at least 70 or higher.

The weekly content schedule was quite aggressive. And creating top scoring headlines for each one may at first seem daunting.

However, through my proficiency with brainstorming and ideation processes, I was able to consistently generate top scoring, click-worthy headlines to meet the required deadlines.

Content Management Processes

The formal set of publication details required for SUPERCHARGED content was quite detailed to ensure that posts were on schedule, met SEO requirements and enabled relevant data to be collected.

In addition to the ideation, information gathering and development of the final content, there was a high level, advanced process of other implementations to include for the release of each video, including the main blog, newsletter, You Tube content and social media posts

Technology applications and software platforms used:

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