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From Just Another Doctor on Facebook to a Socially Aligned Educator

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Compared to Instagram, the focus of Facebook is less on visual appeal and more so on sharing content and information that people care about.

When Dr.U wanted to create a more lively presence on this site, I decided to also expand on the types of subject matter and topics presented to capture more social points of interest within the context of hair and skin topics. The typical and average tendencies of most doctors is to post before and after images of their patients and visuals that are directly related to the procedures they offer. From their perspective, it is important to let people know about the service they provide in order to encourage more people to sign up and make an appointment.

However, the types of images posted by doctors, across the board, tend to look pretty much alike. Without a more deliberate way to differentiate who they are and what they do, they become just another provider of cosmetic procedures, from the point of view of their audience members.

Market and Sell the Way You Would Want to Be Marketed and Sold To

And furthermore, the people who are viewing their posts and feed may not be immediately ready to undergo these procedures. So it is still important to find other ways of captivating their attention, drawing awareness to concepts that they would find interesting, and building relationships.

This can be achieved by constructing socially appealing experiences. Information needs to be presented in ways that offer value to the viewers (not just the provider). This requires having an awareness of where they are in their own personal understanding and journey, and enhancing interest and enthusiasm for the brand.

Anything Can Be Interesting - New Ways of Discussing Skin and Hair Treatment Topics

As an alternative to just directly showcasing procedures, I included a wider range of angles, tailoring information and experiences to the users and what they might want to know more about.

  • helpful and useful information on hair and skin topics

  • "did you know" types of posts

  • concise summaries of basic contextual science, for the average person

  • differential value of service offerings and what this means for real people

  • do's and don'ts

  • things to keep in mind for better decision making

Here is a slideshow with samples posts that provides more detail on the Facebook communication approach I devised for the Dr.U brand.

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