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A New Type of Instagram Presence for a Hair and Skin Doctor

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Dr.U was interested in creating a more prolific and unique brand presence on Instagram. I was well aware that common tendency for doctors post images, almost exclusively related to their procedures. As with any business, there is the dire need to build awareness for what is being offered. However, the typical types images posted often fail to generate sincere interest or build a sense of distinction for the brand.

Learn more about Dr.U's clinic and work here.

I decided to create a very different concept for the Dr.U brand. Having the vast experience of developing his content and constantly coming up with new angles for making different topics interesting, I wanted to capture this approach of educating and informing audiences for his Instagram presence.

Rather than focusing exclusively on procedure offerings alone with a strict sales-minded approach, I broadened the scope of hair and skin topics to include interesting insights across a wider range of related topics:

  • helpful and useful facts for making better decisions

  • beauty and personal grooming tips

  • emphasis on personal health for optimal hair and skin

  • lifestyle tips

  • interesting contextual information for clinic procedure offerings

[Discuss the value of taking this approach and create a visual which highlights this]

Instagram Aesthetics

In a highly aesthetics is essential factor for a compelling Instagram feed. However, no budget was allocated for taking and editing professional photos. And with content development for SEO being the top priority, time was also limited for constructing these posts.

With these challenges in mind, I created an efficient approach for designing eye-catching Instagram posts, using carefully selected readily available stock images. For visual cohesiveness and unity, I worked to maximize the white space around the central visual elements.

This method would enable a regular momentum of baseline posts. And more specialized images could then be included more conveniently as needed, when time and budget allowed for the creation of these visuals.

Here is a slideshow which discusses the conceptual development in greater detail, along with a walk-through of sample posts.

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